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An enormous part of why BodySmart Personal Training's programs work so well is because of our staff of professional personal trainers. 

Our instructors have the education, experience, and first-hand knowledge of the power of exercise so that you'll reach your goals as quickly and easily as possible.  

You’ll Work With Some of the Smartest Trainers in New York City

All our personal trainers have certifications by nationally recognized organizations. Coursework and testing for these certifications include exercise physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, program design, training techniques and protocols, safety, and injury prevention. 

However, we believe these certifications are merely the beginning. Each and every one of our advanced instructors have passed BodySmart's own rigorous written and practical exams to test for specialized knowledge. Only after passing these exams are trainers eligible to undergo an additional course of study with BodySmart's founder. 

Trainers also have:
• Involvement in monthly ongoing continuing education seminars to further their professional development and skills
• Extensive training in cognitive and behavioral approaches by a licensed social worker to help clients make exercise a fulfilling part of living
• CPR certified
• Fully insured

We have worked with clients with the following considerations:
Orthopedic injuries & limitations · Hip & knee replacements · Arthritis · Heart & vascular disease · Cancer· Autoimmune disorders · Neurological disorders · Breast cancer, mastectomies & breast reconstruction · Osteoporosis & osteopenia · Hypermobility · Obesity · Depression · Eating disorders

We know that fitness can change lives. Every day our clients tell us how our exercise programs and trainers have transformed their lives for the better. We can't wait to help you become your physical best, too. 

The Founder: Eileen Loeb

   Eileen Loeb, fitness expert and company founder, started BodySmart Personal Training to help people build a successful, rewarding relationship with exercise. Her knowledge and experience are the cornerstone for BodySmart's approach to health and fitness.  

A former professional dancer, Ms. Loeb has a deep understanding of movement and kinesthetic awareness. She studied anatomy and biomechanics with Irene Dowd, renowned neuromuscular facilitator and professor at Julliard. In addition, Ms. Loeb worked with physical therapists at Manhattan's Hospital for Special Surgery in their Outpatient Physical Therapy department. 

Her certifications and continuing education include:
ACE · Pilates mat · Pre/post-natal · Active Isolated Stretching under direct instruction with Jim and Phil Wharton · Breast cancer & Mastectomy seminar for physical therapists and nurses at Beth Israel Hospital

Ms. Loeb has lectured and presented fitness seminars throughout New York City. She has also given exercise talks on behalf of The Gym Source and Trump Place on Riverside Boulevard.

With a Master's degree in Social Work, Ms. Loeb worked extensively during her training with people with physical disabilities. She helped clients address the psychological aspects of the mind-body connection. She also holds a Bachelors degree from Barnard College, Columbia University.

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