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BodySmart Personal Training is expert at delivering wellness programs to the corporate environment.

Our fitness solutions provide tangible, visible benefits to your organization. You'll save on health care costs, increase workplace productivity, boost employee satisfaction, and lower your absenteeism rates.

Our services for small-to-medium-sized businesses in NYC include:

  • Pilates-At-Work and Yoga-At-Work.  Ongoing classes by our certified instructors at your workplace. Can be funded by the company, employees, or a combination of both.
  • Wellness-At-Work Program.  A time-limited series of Pilates and yoga classes, combined with exciting lectures designed to get your employees on the road to physical fitness.
  • Lectures at Lunch.  Lunchtime lectures include Losing Weight and Keeping It Off Forever, Making the Most of Your Time at the Gym, Working Out for Weight Loss and Health, Sneaking Fitness into a Busy Life, and Exercising for Bone Strength and Health.

  • Because each of our programs is tailored to your organization's unique needs, you will be able to give your employees a fitness program that is packed with value. Please contact us at (212) 217 - 0081 to discuss how we can help your company be a better, healthier, and more productive workplace.

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